Stationery and Graphic Designer Rebecca Dimock

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Dimock

Music is for sure my first love, but stationery, I must say, is a close second. There is nothing I love more than cracking open a fresh new notebook or picking out a beautiful card for someone’s birthday. So it is with great delight that we are featuring stationery and graphic designer Rebecca Dimock on this week’s blog! Rebecca's always a lovely presence on the Elegant Productions team and I’ve been buying Rebecca’s  line of gorgeous cards for years at Duly Noted Stationery, so it was no surprise when she teamed up with fellow powerhouses Lisa MacPherson and Katelyn Bellefontaine to form the Elegant Paper Co. last year.

Q. What song is the soundtrack to your life right now?

A. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

Q. Why did you choose this song?

A. I'm already looking forward to summer, the sun, and all the amazing weddings to come! The future is looking bright. This song was written in a Eric Clapton's garden on a warm summer day... isn't that the best?!

You can find Rebecca at the following places:

On Instagram she's @rdimock

To learn more about Elegant Paper Co. click here

For Rebecca's line of stationery Paper Chain, click here

Stay tuned next week for our interview with Denise Bradbury- marketing director at the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews N.B. (and former BSQ client:)


Girls Run the World! An interview with Stephanie Brown from Sky’s the Limit Weddings and Events

Chelle Wootten Photography

On this week’s edition of the blog we’re talking to Stephanie Brown- the lead designer at Sky’s the Limit Weddings and Events, which offers both design and coordination services. Stephanie and Bela Strings collaborated on a really beautiful wedding last summer at Oak Island for two lovely humans, Melissa and Josh. During our music consultation with them, Melissa and Josh raved about how warm and attentive Stephanie was- after one of their planning sessions she even drove them to a vendor she thought they would like! Pictured to the left is a table design from Melissa and Josh's wedding, by Stephanie. Here she is talking about the song she walked down the aisle to and the #bosslady theme song to her life right now. 


BSQ. What song did you walk down the aisle to?

SB. I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love".

BSQ. Why did you choose this song?

SB. To me, the tune-the melody and the words- were full of such emotion. Although some people find the song to be sad, I don't! I find it invokes those warm and fuzzies. We all have that one person that we feel those feels for and Adele couldn't have said it any better.

BSQ. I totally agree! I think just because the words of a song might mean something else to the songwriter, it’s how it makes you feel that matters. What song is the soundtrack to your life right now?

SB. The song that's the sound track for my life right now is "Run the World" by Beyonce. I'm feelin' it! It's a particularly exciting time in the world to embrace our womanhood, with all of this girl power stuff going on. It's empowering! I take pride in the fact that I'm a successful woman who owns a business and there's so many more kick ass women that do the same! In particular I'm proud of the work we've put into our new re-brand! It takes guts to step out of your comfort zone!


To check out Sky’s the Limit’s gorgeous new website, click here:

On Instagram, they’re @skysthelimitsb


Stay tuned next week for our interview with stationery designer Rebecca Dimock from Elegant Paper Co.


Bela Strings talks with one of our favorite clients, Jasmine Chater

Photo Credit: Alex MacAulay

We performed for Jasmine and Elias’ wedding about two years ago and it quickly became one of our favorites:) Jasmine and Elias were both so warm and welcoming and they brought a real sense of themselves into their ceremony. With the help of the extraordinary Claudia Habib of Simply Weddings, Jasmine and I planned out the ceremony music on a wintry evening at Lion and Bright.

The wedding was held in one of the larger churches in Halifax- a really beautiful backdrop for a ceremony that, like Jasmine and Elias, was full of youthful vitality. Though the setting was very formal, their sense of fun and creativity really shone through, as you can see in the photograph above:)

Q. Which song did you choose to walk down the aisle to?

A. I chose to walk down the aisle to Can't Help Falling in Love With You- by Elvis Presley.

Q. Why did you choose this song?

A. When planning my wedding, I wanted each aspect of the day to truly reflect my husband and I. Being lovers of rock & roll, Elvis Presley seemed like a classic choice, and we didn't want to overthink the decision because the melody is so beautiful, so we agreed upon it rather quickly. When walking down the aisle, the string version of the song tied all the emotions of the morning together perfectly!

Jasmine is also a very talented writer- to check out some of her work, visit:


Stay tuned next week for our interview with Stephanie Brown from Sky’s the Limit Weddings and Events!


Elegant Productions’ CEO Katelyn Hipson talks with Bela Strings

On this week’s edition of the Bela Strings Blog, we hear from Katelyn Hipson- the founder, CEO and creative director of Elegant Productions- an amazing collective of women who plan weddings across Atlantic Canada. When Bela Strings is playing a wedding, I breathe a sigh of relief if Elegant Productions is planning it because I know the day will be exactly what it should be: beautiful, relaxed, and always the most fun. Katelyn brings such a positive energy to the planning process and the big day- she’s truly one of my favorite wedding vendors to work with. And, as if she wasn’t already enough #bossladyinspo, Katelyn  recently co-founded a new, sister company Elegant Paper Co- be still my beating heart. We’ll hear from the stationery company’s co-founders Lisa MacPherson and Rebecca Dimrock in upcoming editions of the blog.


I remember the first wedding that Bela Strings collaborated with Elegant Productions: it was a late Saturday afternoon in early October on the balcony of St. Mary’s Boat Club and the weather was lovelier than any of us could have imagined. That ceremony was particularly special because the couple, Mark and Tracy, asked our string quartet to collaborate with their friend who was an amazing jazz vocalist. To this day, that version of Etta James’ At Last is one of my favorite wedding moments.


Here’s Katelyn on the music she and her husband Andrew chose for their beautiful, New Year’s Eve wedding:

Q. When you got married, what songs did you have at your ceremony?

A. My bridesmaids walked into This Year’s Love by David Gray. For my entrance, I walked into Marry Me by Train. For the Signing of the Registry we chose Peace by O.A.R. and for the recessional, Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Q. How did you pick the songs?

A. Andrew (my husband) is big into music so he picked all of our selections - the one task I assigned to him during wedding planning, haha!

For a sneak peak into Katelyn and Andrew's wedding, check out Katelyn's blog post about it here: One Year Later

To learn more about Katelyn and Elegant Productions, find their social media links below:)






Bela Strings talks to Halifax Jazz artist Zoe Leger

On this week’s edition of the blog, we talk to Halifax Jazz artist Zoe Leger. Zoe is an accomplished singer, composer, and pianist who released her debut album last year: The Girl from Yesterday (I love, love, love that name). It’s an album of original compositions that draw on Zoe’s influences: from Joni Mitchell to Ella Fitzgerald to Zoe’s background in choral music. The album was one of my favorite releases from last year and I was not at all surprised when it was nominated for the 2017 ECMA Jazz Recording of the Year. To listen to Zoe’s music, visit her website:

Q. When you got married, what song did you choose to walk down the aisle to?

A. I walked down the aisle to the song 'Bloom' by the folk band, Paper Kites.

Q. What made you choose that song?

A. As soon as we heard it we knew it would be a perfect fit because of it's happy vibes and sweet, romantic lyrics. We are also lucky to have some talented musical friends who performed it live for us which made the moment even more magical!

Check out Bloom by The Paper Kites here:


If you’d like to catch Zoe live, she’ll be at Le Bistro by Liz on January 19th and 20th:


Bela Strings Blog Launch!

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by:)

My name is Anna Wedlock and I’m the creator of The Bela String Quartet. Here’s the down low on me: I’m a classically trained violinist who loves music of all types, there is nothing that brings me more joy than playing music for people, and I wake up most days feeling pretty lucky that I get to do that!

Bela Strings is launching a blog where we interview some of our favorite people about the songs that have been most meaningful to them in their life. So I thought it was only fair that I share an answer or two as well:)

Q. What song is currently the soundtrack to your life?

A. Walking after Midnight, by Patsy Cline

Q. Why?

A. There’s nothing I love more than a strong woman saying what’s on her mind, and Patsy Cline is, unarguably, that. Whenever I listen to Patsy, I can’t help but remember that she died at such a young age- it keeps things in perspective for me, I suppose. Also, the woman was a fabulous dresser who was not at all afraid of wearing fringe- #lifegoals.

Stay tuned for more interviews with some of our favorite people about the music that has been most meaningful to them in their lives.


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