The Bela String Quartet was founded in 2008 with the mandate to bring live music to a wider audience in a way that was fresh and entertaining. Since then, we've expanded to include a The Bela String Trio (2 violins and 1 cello), The Bela String Duo (violin and cello), as well as a Celtic ensemble, The Swallowtails.


Founded in 2008, The Bela String Quartet is an ensemble of classically trained musicians. The members of the quartet have received prestigious training and hold degrees in classical music. As an acoustic ensemble the quartet adapts easily to a wide range of venue and requires less than 10 minutes of set-up time. Although the quartet started as a strictly Classical ensemble, their repertoire has expanded with experience and now spans from Mozart to Michael Jackson.  Past events include Port of Halifax 2016, Dalhousie President’s Circle Reception, and the 3rd Annual Emergent Learning Conference at the WTCC. Also available as a duo (violin and cello) and trio (2 violins and cello).

The Swallowtails are an East Coast duo, playing tunes from Cape Breton, Scotland, and Ireland. Driving fiddle tunes accompanied by rhythmic bass will have your toes tapping and hands clapping. Drawing on the Gaelic tradition of Ceilidhs and the maritime Kitchen Party, this duo is inspired by Cape Breton darlings Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, and Leahy.